Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Haunted Doll in the Long Branch Saloon - Virginia City, Nevada

Like many other western mining towns, Virginia City, Nevada exploded in population back in the late 1800's.  It is most famous for playing host to the Comstock Load silver strike in 1859.  This was one of the iconic boom towns of the old west featuring a Boot Hill cemetery, not to be confused with the one in Tombstone, Arizona were participants in the OK Corral incident are buried.
Virginia City, Nevada in the 1800's
View of modern day Virginia City from Boot Hill Cemetery
Boot Hill Cemetery in Virginia City, Nevada

The Long Branch Saloon, not the one in Dodge City that you have seen on the TV show Gunsmoke, is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl.  Folks say they have seen her wandering around in the upper floors of the saloon.  Some say they have seen a strange blue light emanating from the upper floors and upon investigation, there seems to be no source.  The most notable activity is that of a particular doll located in the 3rd floor.  They say if you change the doll's clothing and set it down, the next day the doll's clothing will be changed back the way it was originally.  They say, this is because the doll belonged to the little girl who haunts this establishment.  Because you see, back in the 1800's she was playing in front of the saloon and was accidentally run over by a wagon and killed.  

Some say you can also hear the wailing of a woman emanating from the saloon when there appears to be nobody inside.  It is believed this is the crying of the girl's mother, who was devastated at the loss of her daughter.
The Longbranch Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada

Accompanying the little girl in her ethereal meanderings is what is said to the the spirit of an Indian that used to frequent the hotel.  Two Feathers as he was known, got into a bar room brawl one day with another patron of the saloon.  A gun fight broke out and Two Feathers was killed on the spot.  Some say they have briefly seen his apparition appear in a particular location in the saloon.  This spot happens to be near a slot machine that exudes some strange behavior on occasion operating on its own.  It is believed that it is the ghost of Two Feathers haunting the device.

A photo believed to be that of Two Feathers

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  1. I was there this past weekend with my GF and we captured a picture of a woman with curly blonde hair and a blue dress. At first we thought we captured the picture of a third girl, but only two were working.