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Dead Woman's Crossing - Weatherford, Oklahoma

A bridge crosses Big Deer Creek northeast of Weatherford, Oklahoma at the intersection of Arapaho and Dead Women Roads.  A site that looks somewhat serene today, however back on July 8th, 1905.  It became the center of mystery and as it turned out later, murder when Katie DeWitt James and her 14 month old daughter disappeared.  Katie was never to be seen again, alive anyway. Some believe her spirit still lingers near the spot where she met her demise.

Some say the ghostly sound of wagon wheels and a woman screaming can be heard at Dead Women's Crossing near Weatherford, Oklahoma
Some say the ghostly sound of wagon wheels and a woman screaming can be heard at Dead Women's Crossing near Weatherford, Oklahoma

Katie DeWitt decided to leaver her husband, she and her daughter were planning to leave Custer County when she met Fannie Norton, a reported prostitute.  She agreed to stay with Fannie's brother.  The next day it is said that Fannie took Katie and her daughter to a town called Hydro to do some errands, planning to return in a few hours.  A couple of hours later, Fannie returned with the wagon alone, of which one of the wheel's was bloodied.

After there was no sign of Katie or her child for some time, Katie's father hired an investigator to find out what happened.  Reportedly, Fannie was seen taking Katie's daughter to a local boy.  She asked him to take the child to his mother so she could take care of her.  Shortly afterward, Fannie disappeared.  She was found in a nearby town.  When questioned about the whereabouts of Katie James, Fannie immediately denied killing her.  However, that evening, Katie committed suicide. 

Some time passed and a man fishing in Big Deer Creek near Weatherford, found a skeleton in the water.  The head was found nearby with a bullet hold in the back of it.  It was determined that these were the remains of Katie DeWitt James.  Some suspicion surrounded her estranged husband, and him having arranged her death, but he was not charged.  Whether Fannie tried to rob Katie, then shot her and pushed her body into the creek, it is unknown.  To this day, no one really knows what happened to Katie that day.

Over the years, the bridge has been washed out several times, however, there are still reports of strange happenings around the bridge near where Katie's body was found which is now known as Dead Woman's Crossing or Dead Woman's Bridge along the road that bears a similar name.  Many experience cold spots when on or around the bridge or on near the creek bank.  Some have had feelings of being overwhelmed by an unseen force and having the feeling of being pushed towards the edge of the bridge.

The most common experience that folks experience though is hearing the sounds of a woman's screams coming from Big Deer Creek and bridge area.  On dark nights, some hear the sounds of wagon wheels creaking along the creek crossing.  Many believe that this is the lingering spirit of Katie DeWitt James calling out for justice.

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