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The White Lady of Spring Canyon - Latuda, Utah

During the 1880s around Carbon County, Utah, the coal mining industry began to boom after the railroad opened up between Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah.  This caused the explosion of many small mining communities springing up around the area, especially in the area that became known as Spring Canyon.  The towns have since withered away into ghost towns, but the spirit of one particular woman still walks the area known as Latuda.

The White Lady of Spring Canyon roams the area where the ghost towns of Latuda and Helper, Utah used to be.         Photo: © Photographer: Juice Team | Agency:

Legend states that a woman, whose name remains unknown, lived near the Latuda / Helper region of Spring Canyon with her husband who worked the mines owned by the Liberty Fuel Company.  Her husband suddenly died for reasons unrelated to the mine, so they refused to compensate her and her infant child for his death.  Destitute and helpless with nowhere to go, she fell into madness and drowned her infant in the stream that runs through the canyon.  The next morning, the mine owners found her hanging from mining office roof where she had killed herself.

Folks in the canyon over the years report seeing a lady, dressed in white roaming down the canyon towards the spot where the mining office was located. One eyewitness, who lived in the canyon for years not believing the tale, saw The White Lady one evening while camping out in the canyon one particular evening.  Most witnesses say they saw the figure of a lady in white floating near the Liberty mine.  Many thought the entity to be evil, luring men into the mine to follow her, only to meet their doom.

It was well known back in the day among miners that if a lady were to set foot in a mine, it was a bad omen.  There are many who believe that The White Lady of Latuda is benign spirit that warns of eminent danger just like the legends of The Tommyknockers of the western mining areas.  These were "good" spirits reported to save miner's lives.

Hikers have been known to see The White Lady throughout the twentieth century near the mine or lingering along the stream that washes through the canyon. She always seems to be making her way towards the old Mining Company office. So if you are hiking the trails of Spring Canyon, keep an eye out for The White Lady!


Latitude 39.716836  Longitude -110.951475
Road maps: Latuda, Helper, Carbon County, Utah 84526


Kathy Weiser/Legends of America

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