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Ghost of Redstone Castle - The Spirit of Alice Crawford - Manitou Springs, Colorado

In 1890, high on Iron Mountain near Manitou Springs, Colorado, a Victorian style manor was built by William Davis.  It was by design, a model home that was to be the showcase of a planned luxury development on the mountain.  However, the development was a complete failure and none of the lots sold.  Davis lived in the house briefly however, for the most part the beautiful manor on the hill stood vacant. Over the years, it became known as Redstone Castle due to its magnificent stature on the hillside and the fact that it is made of red stone that comes from the local quarries.  The house may have been vacant for a good portion of it's existence, but many believe it to be haunted by spirits from the past.

Redstone Castle on Iron Mountain near Manitou Springs, Colorado

Actress Alice Crawford Snow moved to Manitou Springs in 1908.  She leased the Red Castle and made it her home.  Alice was a very spiritual person who deeply believed in the local Native spirits that inhabited the mountains very much like her sister Emma Crawford did.  Emma moved to Manitou Springs in 1889 to try and overcome tuberculosis, however failed to do so and the disease claimed her life a few years later.

Redstone Castle in Manitou Springs, CO is said to be haunted.  Iron Mountain on which it is located is reportedly haunted by one if Redstone's former residents, Alice Crawford.

It is said that Alice held regular seances in the mountain side castle to contact the spirits that dwelled on Iron Mountain.  Some say that some very strange occurrences occurred during these late night sessions such as objects moving around the room on their own.  It is rumored that Alice Crawford may have gotten too in touch with the spirits and became possessed by one.  At one point a friend had found her in her bed on fire and covered in blood.  She had attempted to kill herself to rid her body of the spirit that possessed her.  Some time later, Alice Crawford disappeared and was never seen again.  No one is really sure what exactly happened to her.  Many claim they have seen her walking the slopes of Iron Mountain.  Perhaps she succeeded in surrendering herself to rid her body of the possession and her ghost lingers on the mountain to this day.

Redstone Castle sits high up on Iron Mountain in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Alice's sister's remains were disturbed at one point and it is believed that the Ghost of Emma Crawford haunts the mountain side where she was originally buried, not far from where the spirit of Alice is said to roam.  

The Red Castle still stands to this day and at one point operated as a bed and breakfast. There have been reports of objects still moving in the house over the years and eerie sound occurs when the winds blow high on the mountain.  However, it is privately owned and visitors are only welcomed by invitation.

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