Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Blue Lady of Half Moon Bay - San Francisco, California

During the 1920s, some of the Hollywood elite would find escape from prohibition along the coast of California at an elite speakeasy known as Frank's Place which was located along Moss Beach on Half Moon Bay near San Francisco.  The club was owned by Frank Torez and although prohibition was in effect, his club would readily serve alcohol. For some reason Frank's Place was never raided by police and some of California's upper class including stars of Hollywood were often seen there.  It seems that one of these regulars however, still call it home.

The Blue Lady haunts Moss Beach on Half Moon Bay near San Francisco, California

In the height of the prohibition era, fishing boats would pick up illegal deliveries from ships waiting out at sea and bring them to Half Moon Bay.   The alchohol would then be brought to Frank's Place which became an illegal distribution center of alchohol. Thus, this night spot became a very popular place.

Frank's Place was a popular speakeasy among Hollywood's elite in the late 1920s

There was a woman known to frequent Frank's Place who would often be seen sitting at the bar. It is said that she always wore a striking blue dress and was believed to be having an affair with the piano player of Frank's. She became known as "The Blue Lady".  Tragically, one morning she was found stabbed to death on the beach.  Her murderer was never discovered.

Moss Beach on Half Moon Bay is a supposed place where "The Blue Lady" roams

Frank's Place still stands today, however, it is now known as the Moss Beach Distillary.  Many people claim to have seen a lady in a blue dress roaming around the distillery after hours.  Many have seen her strolling along the beach below where her body was found.

A boardwalk at Moss Beach on Half Moon Bay near San Francisco, California

Other paranormal activities occur such as chandeliers have been found swinging on their own for hours at a time. Cold spots have been encountered in various parts of the restaurant causing hairs to stand on end.  Mysterious whispy clouds have been seen moving through the bar area on occasion.  Sometimes these mist clouds would linger under the chandelier that moves on it's own accord.  Poltergeist activity has also been reported such as items mysterously disappearing, items floating in mid air, etc.

Frank's Place is now Moss Beach Distillery and overlooks Half Moon Bay near San Francisco, California

The Moss Beach Distillery has been the subject of many paranormal investigations and has been featured on TV shows such as "Unsolved Mysteries".  It is still today an active restaurant and bar so you may have a chance to investigate this haunting yourself and check out Moss Beach.  You may just catch a glipse of "The Blue Lady".

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  1. Yesterday my family and I toured the USS Lexington CV16. While we failed to meet Charlie down in the engine room, it does appear we might have been the target of ghostly prank while touring another area of the ship. As we followed the well lite tour into the WW2 dive bomber squadron briefing room display, we noticed the lights were out in this section of the tour. Without thinking, I flipped the lights in the room back on. Now I discover this light trick is a common ghostly activitly!