Tuesday, October 11, 2011

USS Lexington (The Blue Ghost) - Corpus Christi, Texas

The USS Lexington CV-16 was the longest serving air craft carrier of World War II.  The ship was painted in a unique Navy blue un-camoflagued color.  During the war, the Japanese reported sinking the ship multiple times only to have the US Navy to debunk the ship saying that it is still afloat.  Wartime Japanese radio announcer Tokyo Rose proclaimed that the US had a ghost ship.  The US sailors on board the Lexington like it and the name stuck and the ship became known as the "The Blue Ghost".  The original USS Lexington, CV-2 was sunk during the battle of the Coral Sea.  It was resurrected as CV-16 and would survive the remainder of the war and beyond.

The USS Lexington CV-16 the "Blue Ghost" anchored in Corpus Christie, Texas is said to be haunted by spirits of sailors from WWII

Visitors are able to visit and tour the ship at their own free will. A visitor reporting getting to the engine room area and a handsome sailor with striking blue eyes explained the inner workings of the engine room and showed them around.  Once the visitors arrived at the end of the tour, they commented to the tour directors that the guide in the engine room was absolutely great and he was very knowledgeable.  The museum director informed the visitors that there were no guides on board the ship!

The USS Lexington CV-16 the "Blue Ghost" anchored in Corpus Christie, Texas is open to public tours

More than 200 visitors have reported seeing the tour guide, now nicknamed "Charlie".  Each report that he had striking blue eyes.  After a while museum directors did a little research and discovered some interesting facts. In 1943 nine sailors were killed in the rear of the ship in when a Japanese torpedo struck the area near the engine room.  One of the sailors killed had blonde hair and striking blue eyes and was the engine room operator who never left his post. He matched the description of the phantom sailor exactly!

The USS Lexington CV-16 the "Blue Ghost" in 1943.  She served through World War II and beyond
The supposed haunted engine room of the USS Lexington anchored in Corpus Christie, Texas

There were many other sailors killed on board the Lexington in World War II and many claim to hear the sounds of moaning and yelling as if they were right in the midst of an attack.  Over thirty men died on board the ship in service to their country.

The USS Lexington is anchored in Corpus Christie, Texas and is a living museum open to the public.  Take a tour, you may bump into Charlie!

The "Blue Ghost", USS Lexington CV-16 lighted against the Corpus Cristie nighttime skyline.

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  1. Toured this with my husband one summer. Very hot at that time due to no A/C. Think they put one in later. Ship had a very eerie feeling & when I went into the Officer's quarters, I had the distinct impression women were not supposed to be there. It is an awesome vessel & worth the tour.