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Ghosts of the Jerome Grand Hotel (formerly United Verde Hospital) - Jerome, Arizona

In 1926 the United Verde Copper Company began building a hospital for it's company workers on what is known as Cleopatra Hill in Jerome, Arizona. It open in 1927 as the United Verde Hospital and served many types of patients other than miners.  The hospital was built to withstand the blasts from the nearby copper mine and at the time was considered one of the most state of the art hospitals in the country. It had one of the original Otis elevators which were the first self service elevators not requiring an operator. The hospital served many, however, a good number of people died there including at least one supposed murder victim and their spirits remain to this day.

Jerome, Arizona as it appeared in 1927.  The United Verde Hospital on Cleopatra Hill can be seen in the upper left.

During the early days of the hospital, Claude Harvey, known to the locals in town as "Scotty", worked as a maintenance man at the United Verde Hospital.  Tragically, in 1935, his body was found at the bottom of the hospital elevator shaft.  His death was ruled accidental, however many believe that he was murdered and his body hidden there.

Miners of the United Verde Copper Company

After the copper mines depleted, and United Verde Copper Company closed down.  When the residents of Jerome left town for employment elsewhere, the hospital closed it's doors in 1950.  However, it was maintained for twenty-one years in the event that it needed to be used in emergency circumstances.  During this time maintenance workers reported hearing strange noises through out the building as if there were still patients there. The could hear coughing and wheezing sounds of the phantom residents.  Also, the ghost of "Scotty" had been seen standing near the old Otis elevator from time to time, in the basement, and on the stairways.  The elevator itself, would mysteriously operate on it's own as if some unseen entity were inside moving from floor to floor.

In 1971, the doors of the Untied Verde Hospital where closed for good and the building sat vacant, inhabited only by the souls that had died there.  In 1994, the owner of the building, Phelps Dodge Mining Corporation, sold the building.  In 1997 after extensive renovations, the buildings doors opened once again only this time as the Jerome Grand Hotel.

Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona as it appears today.  Formerly the United Verde Hospital.

Encounters with the building's former etheral residents continued.  With some new ones surfacing as well.  A woman dressed in white, believed to be a former nurse was seen roaming the upper floors and balconys.  A young boy which many believe is a six year old who died in the hospital has been seen on the third floor at various times. A bearded man thought to be a miner who died in the hospital has been seen in various places throughout the hotel.  Mostly in the hallways. It is rumored that he likes to turn the lights as he glides down the hallways.  Another formal spectral patient has been seen in the lobby area sitting around in a wheel chair. It is believed that this ghost is the spirit of a man who accidentally went over a balcony and fell to his death below.

Artist interpretation of the lady in white, one of the resident ghosts of the Jerome Grand Hotel in Arizona

The Jerome Grand Hotel is still in operation today.  The original Otis elevator is still in working order and may be the only original one in working condition in the United States.  The former phantom residents are still there.  So if you happen to stop by Jerome, Arizona and stay at the Jeromy Grand, you just may catch a glipse of one of them.

Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, Arizona


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